Message from Penny Parks

Message from Penny Parks,
the leading expert in trauma and abuse treatment.

Quick Change with Penny Parks

Whilst Quick Change is available through all PICT Therapists qualified to provide this accelerated form of therapy, for those wishing to experience therapy directly with Penny Parks she is currently offering a limited number of PICT Quick Change therapy weeks each year.

Mrs Parks is the originator of the PICT model with 35 years of experience working with clients who have experienced trauma, abuse or have debilitating emotional issues. She is a Fellow Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and the National Counselling Society. Over the years, she has been honoured to be Patron of five organisations - currently she is Patron of IMARA, a Nottingham based charity awarded an OBE for their work with traumatised children. Mrs Parks is also the author of two rolex replica watches books, Rescuing the ‘Inner Child’ (1990) and The Counsellor’s Guide to Parks Inner Child (1994) – both books have remained in print since their first publication. The NHS, MIND, Social Services, Relate, Private Counselling Agencies, Professional Bodies and businesses consult Mrs Parks as an expert in the field of trauma and abuse for information, training and therapy. The fact that she recovered from her own childhood emotional, physical and sexual abuse (experienced over a span of eleven years, at the hands of six sexual perpetrators) through the use of her own therapeutic method only, creates strong rapport, trust and hope with clients.

PICT Quick Change is an intensive course of therapy only available with PICT therapists. In just 4 hours a day, for 5 consecutive days, you can fully resolve traumas, childhood abuse issues or undermining emotional challenges, i.e. strong feelings of inadequacy; inability to trust; problem relationships; sexual dysfunction; low or uk replica watches high emotional control; panic attacks; phobias; allergies; health issues; self-harm; sleep disturbances; flashbacks; bereavement issues; reluctance to touch or be touched; depression; anxiety and more. Using this structured, systematic therapy model encompassing imagery rescripting, cortical re-mapping and rapid belief restructuring that establishes new neural pathways, producing profound, rapid, gentle and lasting change – people can experience full resolution. Resolution can be achieved even when a person has memory blanks or vague memories. Experiencing PICT Quick Change is like travelling by Rolls Royce instead of horse and cart.

The Inner Child is the part of our unconscious mind where the childhood memories, experiences and subsequent beliefs are stored. Unresolved negative material from childhood generates an inaccurate sense of self that invisibly percolates in the background and affects our ‘today’ life – reflecting the obstacles from the past rather than our ‘real self’.

The PICT Quick Change therapeutic week is available to applicants from across the UK or abroad (although clients must speak English). Successful candidates will need their own transport and will book their own accommodation. To learn more, and receive a no-obligation information pack, contact Mrs Parks at: If you like what you read in the information pack, book your free telephone assessment. Therapy takes place in Ipswich, Suffolk.

How Much Does Quick Change with Penny Parks Cost?

Penny only offers QC sessions in the format of 4 hour sessions over five consecutive days (a total of 20 hours therapy), so all clients will be making a block booking of five days, if (in rare cases) therapy takes fewer than five days your investment will still reflect the time booked. The total cost for the therapy with Penny is £2,800.00 (£140.00 per hour).

After a successful telephone assessment you will book the week for your therapy and a non-refundable deposit of £500.00 will be required to secure your booking. The balance of £2,300.00 will be due (a minimum of) one week before of your therapy week. One to two months after therapy you will ring/Skype Mrs Parks for an "M.O.T." to determine if there is any fine-tuning needed. If additional work is needed, it may be done during the M.O.T. or you can make a further appointment to do the work by telephone/Skype. The fee for any "M.O.T." is included in the total charge.

To assist with funding, some clients have visited the library and asked to look at, The Directory of Grant Making Trusts. This book lists grants available – it cannot be checked out so take your pen and paper along. There are hundreds of grants available for any subject - look through for grants that apply to your specific criteria (depression, anxiety; self-harm; sexual abuse; etc.). In some areas of the country people can apply to Social Services for a grant or a loan. Some people are covered by their insurance, while others have chosen to take out a loan or borrow money from a friend/relative.

You may not wish to receive QC therapy in an intensive week and replica watch instead prefer to experience the four hour QC sessions in the shorter one, two or three day increments (or your telephone assessment may indicate this is the best route for you). Should that be the case, or you prefer to pay a lower fee, please visit our website directory to choose another PICT QC therapist. Fees tend to be higher with experienced therapists and for those located in the south, you can email the therapist to discover the exact fee (an overall average is £60 per hour).

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