One Hour Presentations Available

My Life as a Jazz/Blues Singer – Frank and funny, enhanced with songs. For a taste of my music: Penny the Singer

Partners – Who’d ‘Ave ‘Em? – ‘He never gets to the point’; ‘She drowns me in detail’; ‘He criticises my ideas’; ‘She doesn’t think things through’. Sidestep irritants and disputes with a smile instead of a sabre

Let’s Talk Laughter – 5 Steps to improve health, brain function, boost your immune system, feel good, live longer & look younger – Whew!

Performance Mastery – Prepare yourself for public speaking, confrontations, performances or any challenging exchange – even without the use of a strong Sherry

Victim to Victor – My personal childhood abuse experience and how I accidently created an effective therapy model while recovering

Entrapment to Freedom – 8 Surprising Tips About Recovering from Childhood Abuse Issues

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