I am a motivational speaker, singer, author and artist. I have been described as a gifted communicator and acclaimed for enhancing participant’s self-confidence, motivation, inspiration and creativity (I’m sure they must be right!). I talk on several subjects and ensure that humour is in the mix.

I have presented talks and workshops for the NHS, MIND, Relate, B.T., Social Services, Police, Probation, Universities, Training Organisations, Samaritans, Women’s Institute, Probus Clubs, private agencies and diverse businesses. I have even had the dubious pleasure of several national and local media appearances.

Over 35 years ago, I pioneered and developed the first ‘inner child’ therapy model designed to successfully resolve childhood abuse issues - Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT). I authored books, training courses, workshops and I am consulted as an expert in my field. Due to challenges with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I turned 74, in 2017, I had to retire from my work as a psychotherapist and trainer. I now concentrate on speaking, singing, art work and later may add in a workshop or two. Although I’ve slowed down, I’m far from ‘out’.

I am an American, with British citizenship, and have lived in the UK since 1982. I reside in Suffolk with my English husband and a small dog, Pixi. I have also been known in Suffolk as a jazz/blues vocalist and often close my presentations with a song (nothing like taking advantage of a captive audience!)

Penny Parks t: 01728 861469 e: info@pennyparks.eu