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Comments from Penny Parks: My heart has been warmed by the many comments from readers of my books, both on the website and in the many letters & emails I receive, saying how much help and support they have found through my books.After having resolved my own abusive childhood through the methods I’ve developed, I felt a duty to share that information with others; so my Parks Inner Child Therapy (PICT) and my self-help book “Rescuing the Inner Child” were created.As time goes on the PICT model of therapy continues to evolve and is taught to counsellors and therapists who can use the much quicker visualisation techniques to assist their clients to quickly, thoroughly and compassionately resolve their childhood issues. The most remarkable feature being that clients do not even have to talk about the details of their traumatic experiences in detail in order to resolve them.We, here at The Penny Parks Foundation, find it very rewarding to be in a position where we can continue to help both therapists working in the field of abuse and those who are making the journey to recovery.

Both books (below) are available from Amazon & most major book stores

Rescuing the ‘Inner Child’ (1990, Souvenir Press)

Rescuing the Inner Child

Samples of recent reader’s reviews of Rescuing the Inner Child taken from Amazon on-line book store

Review – Nov 2013 – “Wonderfully easy to read and understand”

Had read this book many years ago but lost my copy. Well written and a must have for anyone recovering from child abuse or for those working with survivors of abuse. Explains everything in simple, easy to understand language

Review -Aug 2013 – “Just what I needed”

this is a great book for your everyday person struggling to cope with this terrible burden.
written in “normal” language i.e not thrapists jargon it is easy to read and understand and find strengh to get through and survive and be happy.

Review – July 2013 – “Highly Recommended”

An excellent , compassionate and practical account of ways to help survivors of sexual abuse recover their self esteem and get on with their lives as positively as possible. Highly recommended and readable

Review – April 2013 – “Essential Reading”

My partner is a survivor of an abusive childhood.

I read this book when she fiorst disclosed to me in 1992 and it helped me come to terms with her experiences and make sense of my responses to her experience. I cannot recommend it more highly than that, and the fact that after 20 years, we are still together.

The Counsellor’s Guide To Parks Inner Child Therapy (1994, Souvenir Press).

The Counsellors Guide to Rescuing the Inner Child

Samples of recent reader’s reviews of The Counsellor’s Guide to Parks Inner Child Therapy taken from Amazon on-line book store:-

Review – Nov 2014

Wonderful guide to the inner values of our mental wellbeing and inner self communications as the core of our existence and how to steer it into rebalance.

Review – May 2013

Reader friendly. Clear explanations. Highly informative and motivational reading. I would highly recomend this book to all Counsellors and Therapists.

Review -April 2013

As a Psychotherapist there are some books I lend out I never get back, and this is one of them. It’s an essential part of my tool kit, as this is very powerful stuff without being too ‘technical’

Review – March 2013

Easy to read and the explanations make good sense to me and also to clients. The book is not just theory but a complete way of working.

Review – October 2009

A very useful guide to assist work with adult sufferers of childhood abuse. Practical and informative. It goes well with the other Penny Parks’ book.

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